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  • Why doesn't sponsorship money go directly to children?

    To effect lasting change, a child cannot be isolated from a family, or a family from a community. By improving the facilities and resources in the communities where children live, Plan projects help give children their best chance of fulfilling their potential in the long-term future.

  • How does Plan choose which communities to work in?

    Communities in need are chosen by Plan through detailed research, which identifies the degree of poverty as part of the assessment. To determine need, Plan considers international development indicators such as infant and maternal mortality rates, the country's wealth, government stability and willingness to work in collaboration with us to improve children's lives.

    Plan then spends three to six months consulting with the community. Youths, women, leaders and of course, children are approached individually and in groups to gain a sense of the challenges and priorities of the community.

  • The next step is to work on a small test project that has a short timeframe of around 6 to 12 months to see how Plan and the community can work together.

    After almost a year of community consultation and building relationships, trust and confidence, Plan and the community undertake a child sponsorship programme where projects are chosen by the community and facilitated through Plan, which provides specialist training as well as the various resources required to complete the project successfully.

    Once the community is considered to have the skills, knowledge and resources to be able to sustain itself and build a better life for their children - sometimes after as long as 10 years or more, Plan withdraws and moves to a new area.

  • Does Plan show where the money goes?

    Globally an average of 80% of donations goes to programme activities. Money raised through child sponsorship goes to projects that benefit the whole community, not individual children.

    Plan has a policy of accountability and openness. We publish an annual report containing worldwide consolidated financial statements. We encourage sponsors to visit our programmes overseas, to meet the children, families and visit their communities, and observe the impact of their assistance first-hand.

  • How long do children remain enrolled with Plan?

    As long as necessary, but not after they reach 18. If the family still needs our help then we often register a younger brother or sister. Other reasons why a child could cease to be enrolled could be that a family moves out of the area where Plan works, or that our goals have been reached and it is agreed that the community has become self-sufficient. On average, children are enrolled with us for 7 years.

  • As a sponsor, can I give more than my normal monthly contribution?

    Yes. Extra contributions are always welcome, and are used to provide additional funding to many vital projects. You can, of course, sponsor more than one child.

  • Do Plan's fundraising activities comply with international standards?

    Yes. Plan is unique in publishing consolidated worldwide financial statements covering its operations. These statements, which are prepared according to International Accounting Standards (IAS), cover the fundraising side of the organisation and the use of funds in programme countries. The statements are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and clearly show how Plan spends the funds that are raised. The management and operations of Plan's central organisation have been independently assessed by the International Committee on Fundraising Organisations and are in compliance with ICFO standards.

  • How do I contact my sponsored child?

    Write to your sponsored child

    We believe that the notes and photographs sponsors send have an important role to play in the development process. They keep the focus of our work firmly on children, they encourage parents and communities as a whole to engage more deeply with the initiatives we encourage, and they help build self-esteem and confidence.

    Plan will bridge communication between you and your sponsored child. You may click here to send a message through e-letter so your sponsored child will get your message more quickly, or click here to download a letter template or use any nice letter paper of your own choice to write a letter to your sponsored child. Together with stickers and your photos, please mail it to Plan International Hong Kong Office, Room 201, Marina House, 68 Hing Man Street, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong.
  • Visit your sponsored child

    Visiting your sponsored child is another way to learn more about your sponsored child's community. Many of our supporters take the opportunity to visit and see at first-hand how their support is making a real difference. This can be a truly memorable experience for you – many supporters find it has a profound impact on them and reaffirms their belief in how child sponsorship makes a difference.

  • Why do the children in the photos sometimes look not so poor?

    Your sponsored children live in poor areas where beautiful clothes are valuable. When the children and their parents take photos for the sponsors, they usually wish to look good in colourful garments. They may even borrow beautiful clothes from friends for photo-taking just to show their best to the sponsors.

    Are the letters written by my sponsored child?

    We encourage them to write a reply to you. If needed, teachers and volunteers will assist small children to write while Plan’s staff will review and/or translate the letters.

    What information do sponsors get?

    Welcome kit, which includes:

    ·         Child sponsorship manual, introducing the “Child Sponsorship Programme”

    ·         Sponsored child information, details about your sponsored child including his/her photo

    ·         Area overview, detailed information about the area your sponsored child is living in

Sponsored child update report

Every year, Country Offices will provide an information update on your sponsored child and family including any new photographs and a report on progress made in the community’s region.

E-news & newsletter of Plan International

We will send bi-annually newsletters and regular e-news on Plan's latest news in Hong Kong and around the world by mail or email.

Annual report / Financial statements of Plan International

We release comprehensive financial statements, which are audited by chartered accountants, every year. In our annual report, you will see our yearly work report, annual account and review. You may click here to download our annual report.

Tax deduction

Plan Hong Kong is registered as a charitable organisation with the Hong Konggovernment under charitable registration number 91/9789. Every April or May you will receive an annual tax receipt outlining your tax deductible contributions for the preceding financial year.


What causes the adjustment of Child Sponsorship monthly donation from HK$220 to HK$240?

According to United Nations World Food Programme, there are over 800 million hungry people globally and the vast majority of them live in disaster-prone areas. Global climate change increases the frequency and intensity of droughts, floods and other natural disasters. Extreme weather events destroy crops and lead to livestock losses, endangering the lives of underprivileged people. Sadly, children are the most vulnerable. Due to food insecurity, children are more likely to quit school to look for food with parents, or work to earn a living. Worse than that, children often succumb to malnutrition which severely hinders their growth and affects their health.

As climate change intensifies its impact, Plan needs your help to offer comprehensive assistance for children and their families to overcome existing obstacles and build their resilience to climate change.

Below is the situation of some regions which Plan works in and are threatened by climate change: 

Ethiopia, Africa

The El Niño-induced drought has caused crop failure and loss of livestock, which affect the livelihoods of farmers. Millions of people are in urgent need of food aid. In particular, children are missing out on an education.

Nepal, Asia

In August 2017, Nepal experienced the worst rainfall for 15 years, triggering widespread flooding and landslides. Transport routes, electrical and telecommunication infrastructures were damaged, and the Biratnagar Airport was closed. In Rautahat district, 80% of the land was inundated and houses were destroyed.

China, Asia

According to the annual climate report issued by the China Meteorological Administration, the average temperature in 2017 was 10.39℃, 0.84℃ above normal and the third highest since 1951. The average precipitation rose 1.8% from the normal amount to 641.3 millimeters. Meanwhile, China experienced more rainfall and flooding in 2017. In June, torrential rain hit 11 provinces in South China, causing widespread flooding.


How would the donation adjustment help my sponsored child?

After the adjustment, we will evaluate needs and allocate available resources to strengthen our support and development work in different impoverished areas.

Our immediate support includes the provision of nutritious food, drought-resistant seeds, early maturing vegetables, etc. to ease food shortage. We would also offer clean water and medical service to lower the risks of disease and malnutrition.

Considering long-term needs, we will educate children and their communities about the impact of climate change and environmental conservation in order to boost resilience to natural disasters. Activities include tree planting and reforestation; small check-dams construction to reduce the impact of floods, etc. We will also teach families how to generate income such as poultry farming. With poultry, they will have food and some money by selling the food. With the money, children can go back to school and continue their studies.


Can I maintain my Child Sponsorship monthly donation amount at HK$220?

Please be assured that we respect the decision of every donor. Before getting your consent, your monthly donation will be maintained at current amount.

Though you may choose to maintain the current monthly donation amount, we sincerely hope you will support the adjustment. Millions of disadvantaged people are trapped in chronic hunger and poverty due to extreme weather while children are the most vulnerable. With HK$20 more monthly, you can help your sponsored child overcome existing obstacles and build resilience to climate change.


If I choose to maintain my Child Sponsorship monthly donation amount at HK$220, will my sponsored child(ren) get adequate assistance?

We will gather the monthly donations from sponsors to allocate available resources to strengthen our support and development work in different impoverished areas. We are committed to making the best use of donations to provide underprivileged children and their families with adequate and timely assistance.

Though you may choose to maintain the current monthly donation amount, we sincerely hope you will support the adjustment. Millions of disadvantaged people are trapped in chronic hunger and poverty due to extreme weather while children are the most vulnerable. With HK$20 more monthly, you can help your sponsored child overcome existing obstacles and build resilience to climate change.


Does Plan regularly adjust the Child Sponsorship donation amount?

No, Plan adjusts the Child Sponsorship monthly donation amount based on needs. Every year we will review our programme work and resource allocation to ensure effectiveness. This time, the adjustment is vital to counter a multitude of difficulties and challenges induced by climate change; provide children with adequate and timely assistance; as well as implement lasting and sustainable development programmes in their communities.


Is the adjustment of monthly donation amount to HK$240 adequate to cope with the difficulties and challenges faced by impoverished areas? 

Plan is committed to making every dollar of donations count. Your contribution is pooled with the sponsorships of other donors to provide underprivileged children and their families with adequate and timely assistance. Additionally, you may sponsor more than one child to help more needy children, or donate to other Plan programmes to change children’s lives in different aspects.